From Escort To Charity Worker

A Successful Escort Tells All

Escorting is much more than being just a pretty face– as charity worker and high class escort Kat Lee proves.

Escort and charity worker aren’t two jobs that you think would have much in common. One is decidedly more glamorous and risqué than the other, so you can’t imagine that there are many girls who have both on their resume. Well, you haven’t heard of Kat Lee! This lady was a highly successful escort before becoming a charity worker, and recently told all about her exciting career.

Kat’s story

Kat Lee was 18 when she started working as an escort. She got into the industry after taking part in an adult photoshoot with her twin sister. Thanks to her gorgeous figure and exotic heritage (Kat is half Arabic), she was an instant hit with men. She then went on to work as an escort for the next 14 years, building up a huge list of loyal clients in the process. Those clients were mainly regulars in Manchester and the North-West, along with businessmen stopping over at Manchester Airport.

A job that pays well

It’s no secret that escorts earn great money, and Kat was amazed at the cash she could make from her erotic encounters with men. She says that she could make around £140 for an hour’s work – and it didn’t stop there! Her clients were very generous with their tips, and would often treat her to cars and holidays. So she was earning far more than most women her age.

Transferable skills

Kat says that she is someone that’s always loved to help people, and that clearly came into a lot of her work as an escort. She said that many of her clients wanted her to play the part of the perfect girlfriend, asking for nothing more than companionship and conversation.  She’s now taken those skills into charity work. This shows that escorts aren’t just in it for the money. Rather, they do it because they love to help people.

Fitting escorting into a new routine

Kat still does the occasional bit of webcam work and makes time for her most valued clients, so she hasn’t left industry completely. She’s certainly not alone in doing this. Many women have second careers while still escorting part-time. Escorting is something that a woman can fit in around her existing wok schedule. You can set your own hours, and in just one evening you could earn enough cash to put towards a big night out or a designer handbag.

Kat’s advice

For those who are still in the industry, Kat has some tips for working safely. She always had a driver take her to and from appointments, and recommends that other escorts do the same if it’s available to them. It’s also a good idea to work for an agency. Signing with a top escort agency like The Girl Collection will allow you to access a big client base with more rights and protection.

Escorting won’t hold you back

If you want to give escorting a go but are worried about how it could affect your future career prospects, then look to Kat for some inspiration. She’s shown that you can reach the very top of the escorting profession but still do other things that you love. So go on – give The Girl Collection a call and see if you can make it as a high class escort.