Invite Your Friends Around To Play

gay friendsThrowing The Sexiest Party In Town

For a party with a twist, invite some of your friends to come and get wild with you in the bedroom this weekend.

If you want to spice up your sex life, why don’t you invite some friends over to share a few drinks and some cheeky fun? It’s no secret that people are becoming more sexually adventurous, so why not? With the help of some sex toys and some naughty party games, you and your friends will soon be having the time of your lives!

Talking it through

If you’re going to host a sex party, the most important thing you can do is to talk things through. Things can get mixed up in the heat of the moment, and the potential for miscommunication is huge if you don’t set some ground rules first. So gather your friends round and chat to them about what they’d like from the evening. Some may be interested in a full blown orgy, while others might like the idea of watching rather than joining in. As long as everyone is listened to and things like safe words are agreed on, there’s no need to be shy around each other once things start to hot up!

Splash out on some toys

Once you’ve all agreed on what direction you’d like the evening to go in, why not introduce some sex toys for men to the mix? Toys are really great for breaking the ice, and will give you all some ideas if you’re not sure how to get things started. Cock rings and butt plugs are the best toys for beginners, so have some of those on hand. If you’re all pretty experienced and adventurous, go wild with things like super-sized dildos and powerful prostate vibrators. Handcuffs, blindfolds and whips are great for adding a kinky flavour to proceedings too. It’s impossible to have a toy selection that’s too big, so pick up whatever takes your fancy.

Plan some naughty games

Playing some games is a really good way of getting everyone to relax around each other too. There are lots of naughty games that you can play together. ‘Never have I ever’ is a party staple, but it’s so good for getting people to open up and laugh about their previous exploits. Strip poker is great for exhibitionists, and will give you and the other guys a great change to check everyone out. Well, why not? Or you could buy some cheeky card games from an adult store. If you’re feeling really inventive, make up your own!

Make it a regular event

If you’re all pretty adventurous, then why not make a gay sex party a regular occurrence? You could take turns to host, or you could agree on a space where everyone feels comfortable to return to again. Whatever you settle on, having some fun together on a regular basis will help you all to ditch your inhibitions and grow much more confident when it comes to sex. It could also strengthen you and your partner’s relationship. So put it to the group and see what they think about a round two!

Get ready to party and play

Now that you’re all set for the party of a lifetime, it’s time to let your friends know what you’ve got in store for them. Whether it’s just a few close pals or you’re throwing open your doors to a big crowd, it’s going to be a night to remember, that’s for sure! You’ll certainly make the neighbours jealous.